Tryg Jacobson

TryJacobsonSenior Strategist

In 2 words: Deeply rooted

At Empathos: Hone the strategy, keep the promise, build trust, deliver value

Career: 30-year advertising agency CEO

Education: BS in business and economics

Sideline: Sailing’s taught me team building and patience

Learned the hard way: To persevere when things get tough

A little more about me

Haitian artists, bullfighters, boxers…Tryg recalls there was always someone curiously interesting at the dinner table when he was growing up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Both parents were artists, embracing diversity and an entrepreneurial spirit—and sharing these with Tryg and his siblings.

By age 16 he was creating original films and publishing a book on sailing. After college Tryg founded, grew and sold a successful glass etching enterprise in the Twin Cities, then took over the family’s business, growing it into an award-winning full-service advertising agency, the largest in Wisconsin north of Milwaukee.

At Empathos Tryg is the cornerstone of both strategy and execution, applying his 30-year-career as an agency CEO to ensure Empathos builds trust and delivers on its promise.

On the tactical side of things, he’s not afraid to get into the details, and even applies his “radio voice” as the talent on Empathos multimedia projects. And with nearly 20 years in film making and editing, Tryg brings undeniable and vital value to Empathos and its stakeholders.