Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework

What are people saying about this training?

“This was fantastic!  I found the program very user friendly… Thoughtfully put together… The presentation was eloquent… classy… and exceeded my expectations! Thank you for offering this to us.”

— Oklahoma Masters-level therapist in private practice

“It was a great training, I wish I could have seen all the sessions.”

— Masters-level intake specialist in a Texas CMHC (community mental health center)

“I like that the model appears very solution-focused without saying that. There was a non-condemning way of looking at solutions that didn’t work for the client. Those were simply the solutions that the client was not willing to do at that particular time. Instead of focusing on why he didn’t do them, they moved on to what else the client would be willing to do.”

— QMHP (qualified mental health professional) in a Texas crisis/respite setting

“My biggest takeaway from this training is the CAMS Stabilization Plan, as it is more in-depth and helps the person receiving services to problem-solve on their own and think through the process of their thoughts and feelings.”

— Bachelors-level recovery coach in a Texas crisis/respite setting