Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework

What are the components of this training?

This online training program is organized into eight learning elements, plus a final assessment. It begins with a pre-training survey, followed by an overview of the CAMS Framework in Units One and Two.

The rest of this program focuses on four CAMS outpatient sessions with patient and CAMS clinician. You don’t need to take all units at one time, or even viewing an entire unit without interruption. You can start and stop as you wish, and where you left off will be “bookmarked” for when you return.

To successfully complete this program, you need to view all pages and videos in each unit, and finish all interactive activities you encounter. After completing Unit Six, you’ll take the post-training survey, and then your last step is to take the Final Assessment. Before you can access it, you need to complete all eight learning elements. Once you have finished everything, you’ll be ready to use CAMS to treat suicidal patients on your own.