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Empathos Resources, LLC is a veteran-owned, minority-owned, woman-owned small business, headquartered in Wisconsin, and focusing on systems-based customizable training solutions for behavioral health and suicide prevention for professionals both at frontline and administrative levels.

For the past 15 years Empathos team members have developed technology-based solutions for both traditional U.S. markets but also extensively for Latino communities, in both English and Spanish. Our work with grantees of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services has included online training solutions in suicide risk assessment, treatment and management for professionals in diverse sectors, including those serving active-duty military and Veterans.

Empathos has the technology, capacity and proven track record to develop a modular, targeted and mobile adjunc­tive intervention for service members exposed to suicide and sudden and traumatic (SAT) deaths. Our team is well versed in development of both Web-based and native applications that optimize the user experience through interactivity that is relevant, trackable and incentivizing to achieve desired knowledge gain, skill building, behavior changes and positive health outcomes.

Custom Web development and design of Web applications are among our proven strengths. We bring a deep understanding of technologies that power the Web, including database and cloud computing, as well as real-world experience delivering software and services on schedule and on budget.

Our team includes accomplished software engineers with broad experience in mobile app development across all platforms/devices/operating systems, data­base development and administration (including user accounts, registration, tracking and reporting), risk manage­ment systems, and security analysis. Together, we have have more than 200 years of combined expertise in suicide prevention content development, eLearning solutions architecture, instructional design and real-world scenario-based training, mobile applications development, usability and human-computer interactions optimization, computer animation, multimedia design and engineering, cross-platform graphic design, and public affairs.

Our facilities and on-site amenities include a first-class screening theater, focus group facility, sound engineering and audio recording studio, videography/photography studios/sets.


Our Mission

At our core, Empathos is about empowering suicide prevention through education. Our mission is to enable professionals to be more effective, so that people at risk for suicide have better outcomes.


Our Value Proposition

We create value by bringing together the best of academic research and real-world practice to improve suicide risk identification, assessment, treatment, management and referral. We develop actionable information that busy professionals need to improve their reputation and effectiveness. And we share this information online, in ways that fit into your daily workflow, at the point where decisions are made that can affect a person at risk for suicide.

When it comes to prevention of suicide, we’re both inspired by and committed to probing, learning, partnering and impacting. We invite you to join us.


Our Name

Empathos. Empathy. Path. Pathos. Our name combines the words “empathy” and “pathos” to reflect key cornerstones in best-practice treatment of suicidal people.

Empathos also contains the word “path” as well as “e” for electronic and education, thus reflecting both technology and a path or trail to enhanced practice through readily accessible online information.

Our logo conveys what we are about at our core: empowering suicide prevention through education. Connectedness. Wrap-around care. Systems-wide support. Full engagement between provider and person at risk.

A signet. A shield. A hallmark of excellence. Empathos.


Our Customers

Serving our customers is central to our strategy. They span a broad spectrum of practice settings, all with relevance to prevention of suicide: health care, social services, education, legal, public safety, insurance, risk management and public policy.

We support professionals in these practice settings by addressing a broad spectrum of gaps in awareness, attitudes, skills and performance competencies related to what they need to know: recognized standards of care and evolving treatment options for those at risk for suicide. Professions turn to us when they need actionable information—in suicide risk identification, assessment, treatment management or referral—so they can better serve at-risk people.

Our learners act as change agents in their practice settings, and positively impact the systems in which they function, for the benefit of all.


Our History

We entered a new era as Empathos in November 2013, formerly known as Well Aware Resources, LLC.

Since then, we have established our position as a respected source of information and online training in suicide prevention. Our initial focus was on at-risk youth populations, primarily in school settings.

This focus has broadened in recent years to include other at-risk populations and other settings. To further pursue our mission and heighten our impact, we’re leveraging our respected content, and relationships with subject-matter experts and learners alike to further advance prevention of suicide.